Ever felt like you were born in the wrong universe? Desire to become an adventurer in distant lands, with magical weapons to fight strong enemies and fulfill quests? Make friends with people who don’t speak your language, but share your interests? Then you were welcome to enter the world of Dutch Mountains.

However, as of 21:00 (CET) on May 18th 2006, Dutch Mountains ceased to exist. In the heart and mind of many players, who spent years on this stupid game, Dutch Mountains will never be forgotten. Not the friendly environment, the hard quests, the annoying newbies, the crazy belgians, the great imps & imms, the tough corpse retrievals, the cool quests, nor the friends that you got to know.

The source can now be downloaded so you can see for yourself what made DM tick; hopefully it will educate you in the language of C :) Feel free to use the source to build a MUD yourself (The name Dutch Mountains is ofcourse registered, trademarked, copyrighted etc :P)
The areas can be downloaded as well, please contact the original owners (for non-stock-areas) for permission before you re-use them.

Some specifications:
a huge world with over 10000 rooms for you to explore.
11 classes with each their own unique skills and spells.
a lording system which allows you to become even mightier.

If you’re new to DM, you can get detailed information under the ”World” and ”Help” menus.



Dutch Mountains NEWS:

[27-07-05]-The Druids have gained the lord skill ‘Curse of the Moon’
[25-07-05]-The Announcement, Suggestion, Mortal and Humor & Quote board have
been added to the website. Also in the world section, the entry
Hometowns has been added with maps of each town.
[14-05-05]-A few explorers reported a new guildmaster called the last Crusader
[19-04-05]-The Druid Guildmasters have gained knowledge of a new spell
[11-04-05]-After 3 longs years the Buildersguide has finally been updated.
[13-03-05]-The Guild of Explorers has established an outpost in the city of
[11-03-05]-A few explorers have discovered a new island. It is said that new
adventurers are welcome here.